2015 sOlstice, 2016 calendars


Here in the desert Southwest, December brings cooler weather, usually some rain, and spectacular sunsets. My husband and I head out onto the deck each evening to catch Mother Nature doing her thing. Obviously, not every sunset looks like the one above, but knowing it is possible keeps us coming back for more.

In a couple of days, here in the northern hemisphere, we will experience the Winter Solstice. There is something very grounding about the day. To me it is a celebration of not only the returning light, but an honoring of the dark. The kind of dark that comforts and nourishes, and is the vessel for life’s creative processes.

Seeing the Solstice in this way helps me be kinder to myself and others. We are all so quick to judge when we find ourselves and others “in the dark”. What we miss by doing this is the rich and fertile ground of possibility. So much of this life is mystery, and when I can accept that, and even revel in it, I find more compassion and kindness. Not only for myself, but others, too. And I really think the world needs more of that right now.

Each November, I compile my latest artwork into a calendar for the coming year. It is a way to honor what I have created, and send wishes of jOy and well-being out into the world. The resulting calendar can help you set a monthly intention, and schedule events that make you happy!

If you’d like to purchase a limited edition vickiO 2016 CalendarClick Here❣ Free shipping, too!

As Christmas approaches, even though this past year challenged me in ways I could have never dreamed, I’m feeling drunk with gratitude. It feels kind of strange to say this after some very big losses this past year, but I feel more supported in my life than ever before. I’m not sure how this  is possible, but for the first time in my life I really don’t feel all alone. What if it’s true that I actually do belong here, and that the universe is conspiring with me? You mean I don’t need to do it all on my own? Wow! Really?!?

I encourage all of you to entertain the idea of being open, versus being closed- in your thoughts, judgements, ideas, and conclusions- when it comes to yourself, and others. There is true magic in it, and I would have missed it all if I’d clung any longer to my “closed”, always right, way of being. And I’ve always thought I was SO right. Kind of scary.


Honor the dark, celebrate the light, hug each other, see the good, and may all your wishes come true.

And thank yOu for being yOu!

Be kind.

Be brave.

Be yOu.

lOve, vickiO


  1. Carol Skewes

    Hi Vicki, I am so sorry I missed your open house! I’d love to purchase a calendar and look at your other work. Any chance of coming over sometime in the next couple of weeks? I am working at home now (20 hours), so my time is much more flexible. Yay! Carol

    • vickioart

      Thank you so much, Carol❤️ So happy to hear you are working at home now. I will set aside a calendar for you, and I’d love for you stop by. Next week would work great! Merry Christmas to you and John🎄

  2. Carol Wallin

    Thank you for the great Christmas card. That is one Christmas task I did not get to this year. I hope your open house was all you hoped it would be. Merry Christmas to you and John. Hugs, Carol


    • vickioart

      Merry Christmas, Carol! My open house was really wonderful, with many friends and a whole lot of love and support. I’m truly grateful for this wonderful life we have❣ Thanks so much for being a part of it! Merry Christmas to you and Jerry🎄‼️ Love, Vicki

  3. lisagshore

    Dear friend, thank you for the advice I didn’t even ask for, but sorely needed. Merry Christmas and may your life and heart be full of health, wonder, love and happiness. May all yOur wishes cOme true in 2016! xoxoxo

    • vickioart

      Hello dear Lisa, Thank you so much for the wonderful wishes❣ Keep being your bright shiny wonderful self, and know that wishes of magic and goodness are coming your way. See you for the new year! Peace and hugs, Vicki

  4. Lisa M.

    There really are no other words that need to be added to this post – you nailed it! 2016 – the year to be happy vs. the need to be right!!

  5. Barb Pokela

    Vicki – your website is so beautiful! Your art is inspiring and I am so happy that you are feeling good. Can you email me at b.l.pokela@gmail.com? I’d love to get your contact information to keep you posted on our 40th reunion!! August 13 at the Wapicada Golf Course. I hope, hope you can make it. Would SO love to see you!! XO, Barb

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