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  1. Carol Wallin

    Loved your thoughts. I think giving sugar would be REALLY hard for me. YOU are much more disciplined! Can’t wait to see your finished project…it looks fabulous! Love, Carol

    • vickioart

      Hi Carol! Miss you❤️‼️ Sugar has been such a good friend, but I do feel lighter and clearer without so much of it. I will just keep exploring and listening to what my body needs and wants, and see what that takes me. You’ll have to come and see the end result of our remodel this Winter! Love you!

  2. Stephanie Bettin

    Hi!we were visiting Scottsdale and came across your artwork. How can I purchase one of your
    Saguaro cactus prints please ?
    Thank you for your help

    • vickiO Art

      Hi Stephanie🌵 Thanks so much for your inquiry! Do you have a specific print in mind? I have 11×14 high-quality giclee prints on paper, or 24×36 canvas prints. Which kind are you interested in? I’m traveling right now, but can get back to you on Monday, July 25th with what is available. Thank you and have a great day! lOve, VickiO

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