radical happiness

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”

-Dali Lama

I can still remember the day my very gifted therapist suggested I make it a daily practice to ask myself, “What would make me happy today?” I thought she was crazy. Or least delusional. You see, where I come from, only selfish “sinners” concern themselves with their own happiness. And since I had worked very hard not to be one of them, I filed her suggestion under For Emergencies Only, and quickly forgot about her scary and seemingly impossible task.

Seven years, a chronic illness, many losses and a lot of digging deep later, I’m finally beginning to see what my therapist was offering me. She wanted me to see the possibility of a type of happiness that builds and supports ongoing confidence, resiliency, and possibilities. A type of happiness that feeds itself and isn’t dependent on outside influences. A type of happiness that can’t be bought, only experienced and shared.


I always believed that the pursuit of happiness was shallow and frivolous. “Be happy” always sounded rather flippant and condescending, and just not serious enough. It also seemed impossible and out of reach.

Luckily, my wellbeing coach is a brave man, and one day pointed out to me how fixed and closed I can be about what I believe. In the middle of explaining to him it was because I was usually right, I realized in horror that he was right. In that flash of insight moment, everything changed. A big beautiful door flew open and I realized I don’t really want to be “right”, I want to be happy.


Since then, the Universe has fed me new ideas, thoughts and experiences of what I’m calling radical happiness. I’m beginning to see the true value of being happy, and that it really is a gift to be the bearer of happiness, ease and light-heartedness.

Happiness, for me, is an inside job, and is born out of a very tender and sweet place. My happiness loves color, movement, sunrises, heartfelt chats, and gentle connection. What I once thought was unattainable, has become very present, very real, and very powerful.

Needless to say I am grateful beyond words.





lOve, vickiO


  1. Karla

    Needed more than I thought. I will carry this forward starting NOW. Thank you so much for sharing this incredibly well written piece.

  2. julie

    So refreshing!

    I have not posted anything because life has gotten a bit crazy. Through VF a move, work, a divorce and college kids moving back home, a tween and teen girls still in need of guidance……….busy is not the word that can describe life right now. The pursuit of happiness…hmmm. I have thought about what is true happiness and how do we ever get there completely? With all the storms I have endured, happiness is something I feel that I create. It is a choice I make daily, by the minutes I share with my family, neighbors even the local cashier at frys! We all have those days that just seem so unfair or out of control, at least I have had a few in my time. I keep pushing forward and holding on to a smile makes things so much better… I assure you. Choosing happiness is not always that easy when life is a tsunami…right? However it is in our hands and how we choose to handle things that are out of our control. Be loving, kind and hopeful.

    Keep smiling it looks good on you!!!

    • vickioart

      It’s great to hear from you, Julie❤️ Wow – multiple major transitions in your life at one time. Wishing you comfort, confidence and ease as you navigate this new territory.
      I’m not sure we necessarily “get there”, but I’m learning to be open to happiness in everyday moments. Subtle, sweet, gentle moments. Sending you bunches of those, too❤️😊

  3. Peggy Bell

    You are an amazing woman. Your wisdom is a gift to me and I am grateful that you share it with me.
    I believe being happy, content and joyful is self care and not selfish.
    Grateful I learned to try to live my life that way.
    I treasure you, my friend.
    I am so grateful that you are returning to good health and taking care of you, and sharing life with me.

  4. amber

    “A big beautiful door flew open and I realized I don’t really want to be “right”, I want to be happy.”

    I l.o.v.e. everything about this. 💗

  5. Lisa M

    Ever since my kids were old enough to understand what it was to be happy and how to achieve happiness – I have always only asked them one question when they come to me for advice: Are you happy? Do what makes you happy – the rest will take care of itself. And to give weight to my convictions for their happiness, I have to practice what I preach. Letting go of the need to “…always be right…” and latching on to “I want to be happy” – will make everything right in your world!

    • vickioart

      I LOVE your advice to your kids❤️ Truly priceless, especially coming from their mother❤️ I will continue to practice asking myself that very same question – and listen for the answers with an open heart. Love you!

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