“Art is simply the language of the soul.”  

   Robert Redford


WelcOme tO VickiO Art and thank yOu for visiting my website and blOg. I’ve created VickiO Art as a way to celebrate and share my artist self, and to share some of the ways art has helped me survive the last 9 years while living with the chronic effects of Valley Fever. Letting my artist self out of the closet saved my mental health and has been one of the silver linings during this challenging transition.

My goal is to provide inspiration, beauty, truth and humor through art, mantras, photos, nature and the everyday happenings here in the wonderful Sonoran desert.  You also have the option to click on the Follow button to receive email notifications of my blOg pOsts. Come along for the ride!

Letting go of the fear of creating something ugly, stupid and imperfect, and instead giving my artist self permission to just play, freed me to explore and discover this wonderful creative force that has been patiently waiting just below the surface.   Letting go of outcomes is always so challenging for me, but being sick provided me the safe environment I needed.  Hopefully some of my art and discoveries will touch your heart, make you smile, and inspire you to keep following your dreams.  Life is really too short not to.

Be gentle. Be brave. Be true.


thank yOu,



  1. shorelisa

    No one can imagine how hard this past year has been for you. To have gone through all that you have for so long, and then to turn it into a positive is truly remarkable and so very lovely. I can’t wait to see more of your inspirational art and to learn more about Valley Fever. Both will have a healing influence. I hope this website will touch many with the beauty of your art, help to heal many with more knowledge about Valley Fever, and ultimately have the positive power to heal you.

    • vickioart

      Thank you so much, Lisa! Your kind words mean so much to me and will help keep me moving forward. Thanks so much for your wisdom and creativity and encouragement. vickiO has been born!

  2. Karla Hill-Donisch

    Your debut is fabulous. I am so impressed with all you have done in a year, being sick and being sick of being sick and tired. You inspire me everyday my friend.
    Huge Hug,

  3. Lisa

    Inspiration. You are an inspiration. As tough as the rough days have been, your ability to battle through and accomplish all that you have since contracting Valley Fever has been nothing short of amazing. Your art; creating a blog; helping to put Valley Fever on the map; and learning what it is to be the best you can be for yourself – are all inspirational undertakings that push all that know you to do more. Thank you!

    • vickioart

      Lisa, thanks so much for your beautiful words. I feel like I’ve been hugged! Thank you for being a loving, supportive and enlightened traveler on this path. Your inspiration has helped me keep walking. Love you.

  4. Julie Interrante

    Robin brought me your piece when she received it. It is really wonderful. I love the colors and the depth.
    I am very sorry to hear about the firefighters. They are indeed brave souls willing to walk into and through fire. An amazing example for all of us. I don’t know how to carry difficult times other than to remember they are a time to become more tender. I often think of my heart literally being tenderized by being human. Perhaps that is what it is about. I wonder…

    • vickioart

      I’m so glad you got to see Brave Heart 2 in person. It really helped to put me in touch with my brave heart, too. Thank you! What a beautiful way to carry loss – letting it tenderize us instead of hardening us. Perhaps that is what it IS all about. Thank you for your wisdom and your beautiful heart. I love you!

      vickiO jOyful, inspired, mixed-media cOllage art http://www.vickiOart.com

  5. Cally

    Yes indeed, your heart touched my heart and your message was liberating. I shall also be free to create and enjoy great art such as yours. Take care Cally.

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