vickiO art happenings


Visit my art at:

💚 I have nOw started my 3rd year being a part of the FOuntain Hills Artists Gallery in FOuntain Hills, Arizona‼️

SO grateful‼️

💚 Find my Original art wOrk, nOtecards, and prints there.

💚 Please stOp by and say hellO!!


💙 Over 40 paintings and prints are available for sale at Russo Salon, now through June, 2021‼️

Thank you, Patrick Russo, and your amazing customers, for supporting local artists!!

Be Brave.

Be Kind.

Be True.

lOve, VickiO

If you have something in mind, and don’t see it here, I happily accept commissions❤️🤩👍‼️

Thank you





  1. Laryn

    Met you at the November show in FH and was hoping to see you again at the February show. Will look for you at the Farmers Market in town on Thursday. Would like a iPhone 6 phone cover.

    • vickioart

      Hi Laryn! Thanks so much for contacting me. My Valley Fever flared up in January so I was unable to do the fair this weekend. I’m not at the Farmers Market yet either, but could meet you at Starbucks some morning and bring some iPhone cases for you to choose from. You could also stop into my home studio here in Fountain Hills if you’d like. You can email me directly at Thanks so much!

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