thank yOu and gOOdbye 2013


I lOve taking the time to look back at the year that is ending and claim all the lessons learned, the wisdom gained, and honor all the lOve that came my way.  It helps to see how far I’ve come, how much I’ve grown, and how I might do things differently in the coming year. And last but not least, this process helps me to look for the gifts in the ups and downs, and be grateful for it all.

SO, let’s get started!


thank yOu, 2013

Is it possible that Valley Fever is one of the best things to happen to me? I know this is a very radical thought, but the list of gifts it has brought me just keeps growing and growing.

It is actually scary to write them all down, but here goes. Dealing with Valley Fever has brought me:

  • Increased self-acceptance (kicking and screaming all the way : )
  • Greater capacity for compassion
  • A stronger and closer connection with my husband, John (lOve, lOve, lOve this man!)


  • An opening to my creative, loving and funny artist self
  • An awareness and experience of how loved I am (priceless)
  • Greater love and appreciation of my amazing friends and family (I am truly one lucky girl!)
  • Greater appreciation for my physical body
  • Lessons in how to say yes when help is offered (ok, I’m still working on this one ; )
  • Lessons in how to say no when I need to
  • Continued learning of the real meaning and value of self-care
  • Healthier boundaries (who doesn’t need this?)
  • A new and improved golf swing (visualization really does work!)
  • Awareness and appreciation of my Brave Girl self
  • Patience, patience and more patience
  • A slower paced life – slOw dOwn, be happy : )
  • Time to heal some old wounds

How can I not be grateful for Valley Fever?


the mOre and less Of 2013:

  • More greens, less sugar (my body says thank you)
  • More organic, less pesticides (the earth and my body say thank you)
  • More water, less soda (my cells say thank you)
Organic vegetables frOm my friend Karla's garden in MinnesOta

beautiful Organic vegetables frOm my friend Karla’s MinnesOta garden

  • More love, less criticism
  • More art, less TV (I still have my favorite shows that I don’t miss!)

Scandal – fOr thOse few whO aren’t watching it!

  • More boundaries, less co-dependency
  • More acceptance, less judgement
  • More acupuncture, less drugs
  • More feeling, less numbing
  • More listening, less talking
  • More ease, less pushing
  • More walking, less fatigue (yay!)
  • More laughter, less despair
  • More play, less perfection
 “Perfectionism is not a quest for the best. It is a pursuit of the worst in ourselves, the part that tells us that nothing we do will ever be good enough – that we should try again.”
– Julia Cameron

A few things that made me laugh in 2013:

“You’re thinking I’m one of those wise-ass California vegetarians who is going to tell you that eating a few strips of bacon is bad for your health. I’m not. I say its a free country and you should be able to kill yourself at any rate you choose, as long as your cold dead body is not blocking my driveway.”
– Scott Adams

Tempe Art Fair artist


And, my favorite prayer of the year:


thanks tO my sister Julie fOr this!

Thank yOu, 2013, fOr all the lessOns, lOve, tears and laughter. I am a better persOn fOr having experienced all of it. SO I bid yOu farewell, trusting I will take with me whatever I may need fOr the cOming year.


My next blog post will be welcoming the new year by choosing my “word of the year”. It is a great practice of looking forward and setting a positive intention for the coming year. What will your word be?

Until then,

Be Gentle, Be Brave, Be True

lOve, vickiO


my hOney and me


    • Ruth

      Hi Vicki, fun to read your blog and all your thoughts and feelings about 2013. Think you must be on the right track! Like I said, you just keep those big girl boots on and 2014 will be a happy and healthy one!! Love you, dear friend and Happy New Year to you and your handsome husband.

      • vickioart

        Thank you, Ruth! I will definitely keep my fancy boots on and work on kicking up my heels in 2014. Wishing you and Jerry good health and happiness in the new year! Love you both!

        vickiO art jOyful, inspired, mixed-media cOllage art

  1. Lisa

    Thank you for passing these inspirations on, Vicki. How could we all have known that through your suffering and frustration, you would find these gifts? Now, through your beautiful blog, you share, share and share your wisdom, creativity, revelations and love, and pass these gifts on to all of us! Happiest wishes to you for a wonderful New Year!! Xox

    • vickioart

      Thank you for your beautiful words and love, Lisa. Freeing my creativity and being brave enough to share it has changed my life. Thank you for encouraging me and helping me believe I could do it. May this new year bring you peace, happiness and dreams come true! Hugs!

      vickiO art jOyful, inspired, mixed-media cOllage art

  2. Lisa M.

    More or less, you have figured you need ‘more’ AND ‘less’. Even though you have been battling VF for two years, 2013 certainly brought the realization to the forefront that out of bad can come so much good. Not only for you – but for the rest of us through you sharing your journey through your love, your art work and your writing. Now that you are getting your energy back I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for you, and that special man in your life – JohnnyO!

    • vickioart

      Hi Barb! Thank you so much for stopping by vickiO art AND for the very comprehensive article from New Yorker magazine. The doctor mentioned in the article is my doctor – Dr. Galgianni! I will add the link to the article in the Valley Fever section of my website. So much fun hearing from you! Have a safe, peaceful and fun-filled year. Hope to see you in 2014, too!

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