the energy Of things

Three and a half weeks ago I completed my first 3-day juried art fair. It was truly a dream come true, and one in which I experienced the kiss of grace, love and friendship over and over again.

I thought I’d be able to describe and share my experiences from the weekend by now, but the truth is, I’m still in major “integration phase” over here. I’ve worked my whole life to arrive at this magical and deep place, and I don’t want to rush through the process of discovering all the gifts that lay within. It feels like very sacred ground to me, and I want to take the time to honor it all.


With that being said, I don’t want to miss this opportunity to say thank you to all you beautiful people out there. It feels important to acknowledge the love and support I have received from my friends, family, and customers this past year. Without you all, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and that would be a very sad state of affairs, indeed.

You have touched my life in ways you may never know, and I will cherish each and every special moment for the rest of my life. Just know – kindness really does change the world.

I have more peace, more confidence, and more comfort in my body and soul than at any other time in my life. Every experience, lesson, and hour of therapy over the past 50+ years has brought me here, and I am grateful for it all.


Yes, I’m even grateful for Valley Fever. Not for the disease per se, but for what I have learned, gained, let go of, and embraced. I know jOy like never before. And even though I’m not always happy being careful and thoughtful with my energy, this slower paced life suits me quite well.


So, I will leave you with thoughts of lOve, and grace, and blessings of all kinds. Celebrate your friends and families, sunshine, rain and snow, and the miracles of this year-end season. Most of all, celebrate yourselves. Embrace your beauty, your uniqueness, and the power of your amazing heart.





lOve, vickiO

P.S. You can find me on Thursdays at the Fountain Hills Farmer’s Market and Art On The Avenue.

Come support our local growers and artists‼️

We are on the Avenue of the Fountains from

11am to 5pm every Thursday from now until May.

Thank you‼️


  1. Marcee

    You are an inspiration! Thank you for your heart and the beauty you are creating and sharing .. the risks you have taken to get out there and the gifts you are bringing to the world. My world is certainly a brighter place with you in it. Thanks Vicki.

  2. Sandra Eakes

    I return to AZ tomorrow so I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon after I’m on terra firms. I still need that special gift for my sister!🌲❤️ P.S. I loved this post. Brought tears to my eyes!🙏

    Sandra K. Eakes Cell: 308.379.3504

    “We’ll sing in the sunshine, we’ll laugh everyday..🎶🎶🎶”~Gayle Garnet


  3. Lisa M.

    I love going on FB or your blog just to see your new profile pic with your beautiful infectious smile and that awesome turquoise cowboy hat! Your post wraps up all that you are – brave, gentle, loving, joyful, inspiring, peaceful, confident – and gives us all a gift we can only aspire to match!

    • vickioart

      Thank you, Lisa. You make me blush. My hOpe is to inspire us all to find our own voices, and tell our truth – over and over again. Couldn’t be doing this without you❤️

  4. Lisa Shore

    So eloquent, inspiring and beautiful as always. This post could act as my Christmas card. I know you are sharing your journey, but through it, you touch our hearts with serenity and love in a way that is truly special and in keeping with the holidays.

    • vickioart

      Thank you, sweet Lisa. I’m so happy we can be each other’s coach, friend, and cheerleader on this path of artistic expression and creativity. The world needs our voices, our magic, our words. Truly❤️

  5. Carol Wallin

    Hi.. Loved your post! I’m so happy things went well for you at the art fair. Here’s wishing you and John a very Merry Christmas! Looking forward to seeing you in 2015. Love, Carol


    • vickioart

      Hi Carol!! Thank you for keeping in touch and sharing your holiday wishes with us. May the New Year be a healthy, happy and love-filled for you and your family. Can’t wait to see you! Love, Vicki

  6. Julie

    So glad to hear you are doing well. You go Vicki O! Reading your posts just puts a genuine smile on my face, so full of life, joy and authentic appreciation for life. I am truly blessed to have come across your blog and wan you to know people out here do care about your art and you. May your holiday be filled with unconditional love and happiness that you so well deserve. Continue on with your joyous attitude and filling the hearts of others that may not be at that point in their lives yet. Let your light keep shining Vicki O!!!!

    With Love and care

    Julie Khammo

    • vickioart

      Hi Julie! It is so good to hear from you! Thank you for your kind and inspiring words. It’s SO heartwarming to hear that sharing my journey brings hope to you. I’ve thought of you often, and do hope that you are seeing some improvement and healing. It is a tough road to walk, and I want you to know you’re not alone. Hugs, light and lOve to you, Vicki

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