my crazy gOOd life

imageMy husband and I have just returned to our newly remodeled condo after an amazing 25-day celebratory road trip.

My health has improved enough that we were able to travel 4,000 miles through 7 states and British Columbia, play 8 rounds of golf, check 2 Major League ballparks off our list, ride 2 ferries and 4 gondolas, hug giant Pacific Northwest trees, take my first hike in 33 months, experience magnificent mountains, visit some family and friends, eat delicious food, walk in the Pacific Ocean, and fall in lOve all over again.


I’ve been struggling with writing this post because I keep running out of words to describe what it really felt like, and what it really means to me to have shared this time together. Then I realized that being able to describe it is not the most important part – being present, being kind, feeling my feelings, being inspired, and letting lOve in is the most important part for me.

So, in lieu of waiting for the ability to describe amazing travel experiences like my gifted writer friend, Lisa Malecha (check her out at Nomadic Narrator), I’ve decided to stick with the words I uttered at least 100 times on the trip – this is crazy gOOd!

crazy gOOd lOve in Tofino, BC

crazy gOOd lOve in Tofino, BC. is he cute, or what❤️‼️

For several months now I have been painting hearts. Big hearts, little hearts, hearts with wings, and hearts in all colors of the rainbow. All the while my internal critic has been chattering away telling me I should be painting landscapes, realistic images, and be more of a fine art artist. And, she says, “real artists don’t put words on their paintings!” She is always so bossy and confident that, on many days, I have believed her.

The problem is, I don’t want to paint those things – it’s not fun or inspiring for me, and it sure doesn’t light me up. And if I learned anything on this trip, it’s to do more of what lights me up (these words will probably end up on a painting, too!)


Whistler, BC

I lOve being outside – in the woods, in the mountains, on the golf course, at the ocean, climbing rocks, and visiting the saguaros. I need to hug trees, dangle my feet in mountain lakes, hike rocky streams, and feel the sun on my face. My heart and soul need these things to be ok, to be healthy, and to feel alive. It has been terribly scary over the last few years without them. As I stood sobbing on the beach in Tofino, BC, I realized that nature puts me in touch with a part of myself and the world that I am unwilling to live without.


heaven On earth❤️‼️

My photographs don’t do Mother Nature justice, but they sure help put me back in touch with the jOy I felt enjoying her magical beauty. And it’s that jOy that I will take with me into my studio, and my friendships, and my ongoing healing life.


mOrning cOffee at the river’s edge

mOre crazy gOOd life – For the first time ever, I will have a booth at the Fountain Hills Festival of Arts and Crafts in November‼️ It kind of takes my breath away to write that! Over the years I have been to many, many art fairs as a customer, and have always walked away feeling inspired and “lit up” by all the talent and heart offered there. My hope is now to be part of the jOyful and inspiring energy that everyone comes to art fairs for.  Here’s to dreams coming true!


One mOre crazy gOOd thing… In 1995, my sister, Julie (Kuebelbeck) Interrante, and I wrote a book titled “Caregiver Therapy” for Abbey Press. The book has since been published in 8 languages, and just last month was published in Italian! How cool is that?! crazy gOOd, I tell yOu, crazy gOOd❤️‼️


So, this very grateful girl will continue to lean into life, take my naps when I need to, and treasure every precious moment there is. Let’s all give our critic the day off, and do more of what lights us up. (Words for my next heart painting for sure : )

Be gentle. Be brave. Be true.

lOve, vickiO


All art and photos copyright ©vickiO art. 


  1. Sharon Lunde

    Your art and words amaze me! You are truly gifted! I will be your humble assistant at the art fair . Love You and Miss You!!!

    • vickioart

      You have helped in so many ways to put me in touch with who I really am, dear Sharon❤️‼️ Wasn’t sure if it was ever going to happen – but here I am. Grateful, grateful, grateful! Miss you and love you, too!!

  2. Peggy bell. I love all your new creations, great gift items!

    Welcome home girlfriend from your amazing, healing, joyful venture.
    Reading your posts lights me up and inspires me to live my life w. More JOY? You are my inspiration, dear friend and Artist.
    No more selling scarves out of your Back Pack at the fair. No more spending one or days, and I mean days at the fair as attendees and shoppers. Now “vikiO art” will be there as the ARTIST SHE IS.
    Wow, you have worked so hard to get to this place and I have witnessed your journey.
    You are a talented, inspirational and joyful artist that has seen a light and has her Energy Back.
    One of your biggest fans, Peggy

    • vickioart

      You are so sweet, dear Peggy❤️‼️ Thank you for helping me get here, and for always having my back. I accept my new Spirit name – ARTIST SHE IS. Music to my ears and medicine for my heart. Thank you, thank you, Sweetie😘

  3. amber

    I am in ❤ L.O.V.E. with this post. I too am taking my art to a craft fair early November to see how that goes. I have also been in such a good place lately it's hard to describe. "Crazy gOOd" is absolutely perfect. And I'm so happy for all the crazy good happening in your life.

    • vickioart

      Thank you SO much, Amber! Your comments are so helpful because it’s pretty scary to talk about how happy I am. It was pretty much against the rules growing up. Suffering was good, happy was bad (pretty crazy if you ask me)! So happy you can relate to crazy good❤️‼️ Would love to hear how your art fair goes!! Hugs!

      • amber

        Oh I know exactly what you’re talking about. It took me a long time to figure out that it was ok to say “good,” when someone asked about my day. I too also found hesitation posting about my love of our new home. Proud of you for putting out there!

  4. Julie

    CRAZY GOOD….. I will keep this in my thoughts daily! I found your blog awhile back whem I was diagnosed with vf. It has been one crazy journey and still recovering. I am sooo…glad to hear and see your progress!! I love it… your post ,art work, attitude…. the whole 9 yards VickiO! Look foward to the art fair….you are amazing! Keep taking good care of yourself and blogging you are a true inspiration to me!!! Julie

    • vickioart

      You made my day, Julie❤️ VF is truly one crazy ride, and I know the daily challenge of finding some kind of bright spot to help in taking the best next step – whether that’s a nap, or a walk, or writing, or sobbing. My heart goes out to you, and I wish you a peaceful and gentle recovery. Step-by-step, Brave Soul❤️ Love, Vicki

  5. Lisa M.

    Dearest Crazy Good – my face is hurting from smiling so much by the time I made it the end of your post. To see the genuine and pure love each picture conveys shows where you are at and how far you have come. And your words continue to inspire in your humble “Minnesota nice” tongue. However, I am at a loss of words for your nod to my blog. My “Minnesota nice” genes have me flushed in humble gratitude. Thank you!! Keep living the life!!

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